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Professor Renaud Jolivet

CERN & University of Geneva, Switzerland


‚ÄčProfessor Jolivet is Joint Titular Professor in Medical Physics, CERN and University of Geneva.


Modelling the metabolic cost of information at synapses and brain energy metabolism

The nervous system consumes a disproportionate fraction of the resting body's energy production.  In humans, the brain represents 2% of the body's mass, yet it accounts for ~20% of the total oxygen consumption.  Despite the significance of energy consumption in the nervous system, how energy constrains and shapes brain function is often under-appreciated.  I will illustrate the importance of brain energetics and metabolism, and discuss how the brain trades information for energy savings in the visual pathway.  Indeed, a significant fraction of the information those neurons could transmit in theory is not passed on to the next step in the visual processing hierarchy.  I will discuss how this can be explained by considerations of energetic optimality.  Finally, I will show how various experimental findings pertaining to brain energy metabolism can be incorporated in computational models tying brain energy metabolism to information processing.

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  • TuesdayApril 10
4:10 PM

"Modelling the metabolic cost of information at synapses and brain energy metabolism"